Enraptured by Nightly Fires

I feel like crying

Or rather I am crying

The tears are already there

I just need a reason.

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What’s the point of liking a guy if you know he’ll never like you back?  There’s no point.  It’s better to just stay friends and not even try.


What I never got in Tangled is how in the second to last scene when the guard busts in, the King and Queen understood that he meant their lost princess had returned. I mean SERIOUSLY. He could have meant ANYTHING.

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guys on the internet: i want a girl with a good taste in music, fun personality, kinda dorky, weird, will go to concerts with me and is an all around good person
guys in my area: if the girl got an ass and a rack i'll bang her aye swag swag weed mothafucka swag
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But there is a ‘me’.

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LOL omg. is the kid okay?